Istanbul Tour Guide – Safiye Kaban

Safiye KABAN

Safiye KABAN

Hello Everybody!!

My name is Safiye. I am an officially licensed tour guide in Istanbul also Turkey. I would like to share my knowledge and touristic attranctions with you about Istanbul. I will try to explain Turkish Culture and basic information about Turkish lifestyle.

I was born a small town in north of the Turkey. I went to Kusadasi for my university education and stayed there for 5 years. I studied Tourism Management and Tourism Guiding Department. Then I moved to Istanbul and started to work to be a professional tour guide.

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People of Istanbul


As I said before Istanbul is a crowded city, but it may be a problem for you when  you are in traffic. In most cases, you probably will spend your time in touristic areas and well known city centers and etc so, it won’t be a problem for you. By the way I don’t want to frighten you by saying crowded city for Istanbul because it also has a large land too. I just compare it with American cities.

I can say that people of Istanbul are a sum of  population of  Turkiye. We can find someone form each city of  Turkiye. It is clear that people of some cities are in big numbers. [Read more...]