Sea, beach and Sun in Ağva and Şile

Hello guys!

Nice to meet you with a new post.
I would like to mention about my short trip to Şile (maybe you pronunce it like shele or shela) and Ağva. I always want to share something with you about places that I have recently visited. Those places are far from the center of Istanbul. It was my first travel to there and I actually went to Ağva via Şile, I am writing on the day after I came back. Ağva and Şile are very close places to each others and they have beaches, nice sea, restaurants, hotels, and lodges. So, I must tell you that a foreign Canadian young couple on our bus inspired me to write this post. Because they had a little  trouble. To sum, driver of the bus doesn’t know english and they don’t know turkish too ( normally ) and it was their first time to Şile too, so they did not know when to get out the bus. [Read more...]