Panorama 1453 Museum

Hello Istanbul friends,
The season is Fall and the month is October. Heating summer sun and warm summer days are far away to Istanbul. So, let’s talk about inside activities in Istanbul. One is “Panorama 1453” museum. Recently, I’ve visited it as my second time.

What Panorama 1453 museum is about?

Panorama 1453 museum is about conquest of Istanbul city which belongs to Byzantine Empire and used to be called as “Constantinople” by Ottomans under the command of Sultan Mehmed II in 1453. He was named as Fatih ( the Conqueror) so Fatih Sultan Mehmed, after this great achievement. The surprising thing he was just at the age of 21. Ottomans had captured the land further of Byzantine land but this part was inside and was causing troubles for Ottoman Empire. Conquering of Istanbul was so important and couldn’t have achieved in previous a few attempts by other Sultans. They failed because, Byzantine can get help from other countries by the sea in the time of danger. They set  long and thick chains on the Golden Horn which can allow them to permit ships get inside or not. Moreover, city walls surrounding the city dont allow others to get in. On 5 April, he laid the siege to Constantinople with an army numbering 80,000 to 200,000 men.  The siege began with heavy Ottoman artillery firing at the city’s walls. Since Sultan Mehmed was unable to force his ships into the city, he had his ships rolled into the Golden Horn on greased logs.

The siege lasted from Friday, 6 April 1453 until Tuesday, 29 May 1453. The Fall of Constantinople is seen by some scholars as a key event in leading to the end of the Middle Ages, and some historians mark the end of the Middle Ages by this event.

About Panorama 1453 Museum

The museum is in “Topkapi Culture Park” in Topkapi in Istanbul. Panoramic Museum of Conquest of Istanbul was constructed  by Istanbul metropolitan municipality. The wall-painted animation,which is accompanied by 3D sound effects, of the conquest of Istanbul by Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II, the Conquerer, in 1453 can be seen in the half-globular building. It seems like a small building from outside. I suggest you to have a look of the a part of city walls around before entering the museum. Because you will see them inside. When you first get in, there are a souvenir shop on left hand side and there are elevator and steps to lead you downstairs on the right hand side. You will climb down steps by looking the screens, maps, illustrations and informative tables. Unfortunately, the writings on tables are just in Turkish. Luckily, there are audio guides that can be got from reception at the entrance.  Then you will reach to entrance of the main place through following designated path. You will take some steps to upside and will enter the panoramic area. It is really surprising when first get there. You feel like you are not in a bulding but in real battle area and under the sky. Also, you will hear sound of fighting soldiers.

Panorama 1453 museum yard

Pay attention to the city walls behind the building


Panorama 1453 is a full panoramic museum. This means it is panoramic both vertically and horizontally. 3D and you can’t get where the paint get end and feel like you are in the real world. This full panoramic museum formed by painting and using laser technology. In panoramic area, there is a guy who wears Ottoman Soldier’s clothes, then you can have photos with him with scene of  the  conquest of Istanbul at the background.

I suggest you to visit web site of Panorama 1453 to obtain an idea about it. Listen the voice and watch the photos I am sure it will entice you to visit it. Furthermore, I think children also would find it quite wonderful as well as adults.

In these cold days, it would be one of the greatest activities in Istanbul. You will find yourself in the middle of the battle.

How to get to Panorama 1453 Museum ?

If you are around Sultanahmet, Eminonu, Sirkeci, Beyazıt or around the line just take the tram and leave at Topkapi Station. Take the steps upside and you will see the building on the side. It is very easy to reach.


  1. Maeve Rafter says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am a seventeen year old history student from St Marys College Naas Co.Kildare Ireland. As part of my History course I am doing an in depth project on the fall of Constantinople and the rule of Mehmed ii. I would be proud and honored to include your museum as a relevant source in my project.
    For that reason I would be extremely grateful if you could please send me any relevant information that you may have on the subject?
    Kind regards,
    Maeve Rafter

  2. John Callahan says:

    Meave, did you get what you needed? I was just there last week and have lots of pics and information.



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